Positioned4Purpose September Issue - Life Unlimited

You feel slightly off, even though you can’t put your finger on what is actually wrong. Doctors can’t identify it, but you know there is something not right, something that has been missed, something out of the ordinary. You know you’re a healthy person and you live an active and enriching life. The next thing you know you have severe abdominal pain and that your husband is rushing you off to hospital! You expect that it is going to be something serious, but you’re not prepared for the results. Your bowel has been ruptured, they put you into an induced coma, you’re on life support for three weeks. You are given (at best) a 5% chance of survival. When you do wake up, you experience horrific nightmares and you begin to hallucinate – from the medication you’re on. You have a tracheotomy and you’re suffering from short-term memory loss. Your muscles have deteriorated. Now on top of dealing with – or maybe just surviving – all that, you are told that your limbs have become necrotic and that they must be amputated or you will die. It may seem cruel, but if you went through all of that, you would be faced with two choices (really) ... give in and end the suffering, or fight to survive ... to live on.

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