COURIER MAIL No Hands, No Legs, No Worries

It was a sudden and devastating attack of septicaemia that claimed Korrin Barrett’s limbs. 

A stomach-ache that quickly turned deadly, amputating her legs and hands was the only thing that would save Korrin’s life.

But since that life or death decision, the vibrant 35-year-old Brisbane woman has made sure that her limbs are the only thing she’s lost. Next month the former fitness fanatic will run in the Bridge to Brisbane fun run. And since returning home from hospital in April last year she has been bungee jumping in New Zealand, snorkelling along the Indonesian coast and has learnt to surf and drive a car all over again. “I made a choice very early on to embrace the new me and my life to the fullest extent I possibly can,’’ Korrin said. “Every now and then I will allow myself to have a good cry. But it doesn’t last very long because Craig will come in and say something funny and I’ll get on with life.” Craig Holmwood is Korrin’s partner.

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