Nov 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett using Bebionic Small Hand for Fine Motor Skill Training

One of the many tasks I was required to do on my first day of OT training with my new Bebionic Small till the end, I have a lot to learn 😂 (  ..

Sep 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Trials Bebionic Small Hand

Here I am trialling the Steeper bebionic small hand...grip patterns are mastered, now I need to put them to everyday use :-)  ..

Jul 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Walks on her Osseointegrated Legs

I underwent bilateral below knee osseointegration in 2 stages...stage 1 on 1st June and stage 2 on 13th July. This is me 2 weeks post stage 2 walking on my brand new legs!  ..

Feb 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Completes Defensive Driving Course with Hand Controls

I was lucky enough to attend a defensive driving course at Mt Cotton Training Centre...the first quad amputee to complete the course using hand controls...surprised them and myself!  ..

Oct 2015

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Trialling Triton Smart Ankles

I was lucky to try these fancy new Triton smart Ankles out in 2015...they allowed a really fluid movement up and down ramps etc but weren't for me unfortunately due to the excessive weight and work required to get them to walk fluidly.  ..

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