Jul 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Walks on her Osseointegrated Legs

I underwent bilateral below knee osseointegration in 2 stages...stage 1 on 1st June and stage 2 on 13th July. This is me 2 weeks post stage 2 walking on my brand new legs!  ..

Jun 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 20

It's officially my last night in hospital tonight (for this stage anyway) 🎉🎉🎉 20 days I've been in here and I can't wait to get home to Craig, my QLD family, my own bed, my own shower and my own clothes...I mean I have been wearing my own clothes but I do miss my wardrobe(s) � ..

Jun 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Days 15 and 16

Howdy 👋I'm combining 2 blogs into one today because I can :-P its my 2 week anniversary today since my OI surgery...let's celebrate 🎉💃 Tuesday was a good day with lots of rest!!! Monday night my left leg decided to play up again and kept me awake most of the night so I wa ..

Jun 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 4

Helllllloooo that's what I woke up to this morning...excruciating pain, as in 8 out of 10 pain. Check out the graphic pain chart below as I'm pretty sure that's how I looked!! After 2 days of feeling nothing I was definitely under a false sense of security as r ..

Jun 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 3

Good morning world 🌏 well I think I had a whole 50 minutes of sleep last night so hoping I can be literate enough to make sense in this blog! My surgery went great, I think I was in there for about 3 hours but the pre-surgery prep wasn't much fun 😐 due to having no veins t ..

Jun 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 2

The day is here! I was on the list for 10:30 this morning but still waiting so no food or water for me...why is it that when you're told you're not allowed to drink anything your mouth feels drier than a sand pit? I'm now showered and prepped for my trip to theatr ..

May 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 1

I'm starting this blog from today as sh!t is finally getting real! I checked in to MUH at 3pm and was shown straight to my room...this will be my home for the next wee while and I'm grateful it's a lovely, clean and friendly environment to be in. Immedia ..

Apr 2016

Munjed Behind The Wire - My Amazing OI Surgeon

Please take the time to read this story. This amazing man will be performing my osseointegration surgery in June and the things he had to survive just to share his knowledge and skills with this country are barbaric to say the least! He showed strength, determination and resi ..

Apr 2016

8 Weeks Until My Osseointegration Surgery

In exactly 8 weeks today we will be making the trip to Sydney to start my osseointegration journey! In the next 8 weeks I will be undergoing serious prehab involving intensive Physio, yoga sessions, one on one personal training, weight loss and general fitness to build up t ..

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