My OI Journey to New Legs - Days 8 and 9

Hey peeps I'm back...sorry I didn't post yesterday, I'll try not to do that again lol :-P

The lack of sleep finally caught up with me yesterday and I fell asleep straight after dinner last night so no daily post was done.

So yesterday I had my PCA taken down and all pain medication is now given orally. I tried a couple in the morning and suddenly my blood pressure dropped to the floor, my heart rate went up and I was drier than the Sahara DesertπŸŒ‘πŸ’Š! I drank about 2 litres of water and had 2 litres of saline pumped into me hence many visits to the loo πŸš½πŸ’¦ but we got on top of the dosage levels eventually. My CV line was eventually removed last night so I was finally free of all IV lines AND the best part is I went straight onto 8 hourly obs. No more getting woken up at 10pm,12pm,2am,4am,6am etcπŸ™‹

I had a lymphatic massage on my left leg yesterday to try and reduce the swelling and increase the flexion in my knee...oucccccchhhh that wasn't must have helped a little though as I was able to extend my leg further today. I also got to go into Physio yesterday and watch Steve (a fellow BK double amp) and Gary (a single BK amp) with their loading sessions and meet Gordon who lost his leg AK recently in a horrific truck accident (nb: BK = below knee, AK = above knee) I managed to do a few exercises of my own then went back to my room...was great to leave these 4 walls if only for 30 minutes. I was lucky to have the lovely Linda call in and see me too. She's an OI recipient who underwent the surgery 9 months ago and is doing so bloody well, she's even back working as a personal trainer πŸ’ͺ and inspires me every day <3

Today I had another massage on my leg. It's still tight and bruised but the swelling is subsiding slowly πŸ‘ my beautiful friend Donna popped in for a visit before her flight back to Brisbane ✈️ she is such a superstar...declared legally blind and here she is tripping around Sydney on her own, blow drying my hair, feeding me chocolate coated strawberries and taking me down to the cafe downstairs for coffee...she amazes me every day with her kick arse attitude and commitment to living her 'happy' πŸ’žπŸ˜Œ

Steve had his last loading session today and flies back to the UK tonight to continue his training and get his new legs🚢🚢 Only Gary and I are left as inpatients now as Justin (single AK amp from the US) deserted us on Monday night and is staying nearby. A second Physio this afternoon has me feeling a little tender tonight but good to know I can still work on my fitness while in here πŸ‘Š

Plan from here is continued Physio and to get on top of the pain once and for all. Munjed is in the US until Sunday and then I'll find out my go home day which will most likely be sometime next week. Tomorrow night I've been given a leave pass so I might be able to check out one of the restaurants nearby for food is edible but will be nice to eat something different.

A few pics below showing the increased bruising, lovely visitors and my total 'steps' from yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hope you're all having a lovely week xx

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