My OI Journey to New Legs - Days 18 and 19

Welcome to the weekend 💃🎉🍻 I'm finally on the countdown to going home 🏡 I've been pain free now for 3 days straight (bar a few electrical currents playing havoc in my leg ⚡️) and the team are happy for me to fly home this week ✈️

Friday was a reasonably busy day with booking flights down for Craig and return flights for both of us 🛫🛬 sorting out what I needed set up at home and answering emails etc.

In the afternoon Lisbeth and I decided to head to the mall and do some shopping 👗 I found some funky Nike's and I'm sure I shocked the poor shop assistant with the fact a legless girl was shopping for shoes for herself 😜 Justin met us over there and we had delicious bagels and curly fries for dinner 🍩🍟

We then worked out bungee cords tied from his scooter to my wheelchair was a good way to get up the hill 🚂 the nurses thought it was hilarious when we came back and he was towing me down the corridor 😂 unfortunately I got hit with a nasty migraine soon after and that was the end of my night really :-(

My ward mate Jason (a single below knee OI recipient) is doing great and loaded for the first time today which is exciting 💪 and his beautiful partner Ella has organised a little celebration tonight with pizzas and pasta 🍕🍝 we'll have to try and keep it under control though...soft drink all round could lead to some severe sugar rushes 😝

I was lucky to have a visit from the gorgeous Mary Anne today and she came bearing gifts...Kombucha drinks and raw organic cashew milk chocolate - yummo!

My lovely friend Wendy from the Gold Coast is in here too and only 3 doors down so we had a lovely catch up earlier and hoping to 'escape' and go grab a coffee downstairs tomorrow ☕️

Thought I'd share the pic below as it showed up in my 'memories' on Facebook yesterday, hard to believe I won't be wearing legs like these ever again!!

Have a fab weekend everyone 💃🎉🍻


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