My OI Journey to New Legs - Days 15 and 16

Howdy πŸ‘‹I'm combining 2 blogs into one today because I can :-P its my 2 week anniversary today since my OI surgery...let's celebrate πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒ

Tuesday was a good day with lots of rest!!! Monday night my left leg decided to play up again and kept me awake most of the night so I was pretty exhausted 😴 the combined bone/muscle and nerve pain was a little too much to handle so I was up half the night trying to convince myself not to buy $400 of Thin Lizzy for a dollar πŸ™† Paula the Physio taped my legs hoping that might help πŸ‘Œ Tuesday afternoon I was taken downstairs for an Ultrasound Guided Nerve Block procedure on my right arm πŸ’ͺ if you can imagine that your fist is clenched shut and you can't open it yet you've got pins & needles in it 24 hours a day...that's what my right arm feels like πŸ™€ so I came back to my room with a very numb arm after shots of Lignocaine had been injected into it hoping for a result πŸ™ had visits from my fellow 'inmates' Gary & Gordon and then the beautiful Ella called in to let me know her partner Jason had been admitted for his stage 2 OI surgery tomorrow πŸ‘

This morning I woke up feeling like I'd slept less than an hour...Monday nights pain had escalated 10 fold and I was almost in tears :-( I hate that we can't quite pinpoint the cause but the staff are AMAZING and doing everything they possibly can to keep me comfortable. We can't determine if it's bone pain or tendon pain or a bit of both but Munjed (my surgeon) is calling in tonight after his surgeries to see me so hopefully we'll suss out a plan!

I had a FANTASTIC day today though!!! My brother from another mother Justin took his first steps 🚢🚢🚢 2 weeks to the day of his single above knee Osseo surgery, he's up on his new leg and walking up and down the parallel bars! Was so excited to be a part of his first steps and to see how easy Osseo is for putting on and taking off the leg! It has me super excited for the next stage for me πŸ‘£

I had visits from the lovely Bill & Nina Chalk who we were lucky enough to meet at the Victor Chang Ball back in 2014.I also caught up with Jason post his stage 2 surgery this morning and he's doing so great πŸ‹

I truly love the family I've made throughout this journey so far and I know we'll be lifelong friends xxx


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