My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 7

Sorry for not posting an update yesterday. Unfortunately I was in so much pain last night I couldn't string 2 words together let alone type half a novel. I didn't get any sleep either so it wasn't up there as my best day ever 😖

The good news is my pain has now decreased by about 80% after seeing the pain team this morning. They've upped my IV pain medication and put me on a fast release oral pain tablet which seems to be working...although I'm likely to start floating soon!

Today's achievements included getting out of the bed today...I may only be sitting in my wheelchair next to the bed but hey I'm one for celebrating the small things💃the Physio gave me a lymphatic massage on my sore leg and although excruciating I think it helped relieve some of the tightness and any minute now I'll be having a shower 🚿 yes a real shower where I can actually wash my hair...bed washes and copious amounts of deodorant are not considered 'showering' 😂

I've had some lovely visitors over the past 2 cousin Darryl, Cyrus and their gorgeous nieces braved the weather and visited me last night. This morning Jude & Leon travelled out from Cronulla to see us both before Craig left to head home to Brisbane and past & present OI recipients have called in on the way past. Gary, a Below Knee amp, who had surgery the same day as me and is already hopping around on crutches stopped by for a chat and the beautiful Meg, an Above Knee amp from Maine USA, popped in on her way to Physio as she's heading back to the US on Wednesday. I'm missing my late night chats with Leah though as she was transferred yesterday to Hills rehabilitation clinic for the next stage of her walking journey👣👣

Hoping I start Physio tomorrow so I can work on my upper body and core while my legs continue to heal 👊

Today's pics show the swelling in my left leg has come down slightly and the lovely bruising that is appearing under my left knee 🙂 catch you all again tomorrow xx


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