My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 5

It's the weekend...not much to report on today as it was another day stuck in bed, apparently tomorrow I'll be disconnected from my epidural, oxygen, PCA and catheter! I'll also go on to 4 hourly obs instead of 2 hourly meaning I may actually get some sleep 😴💤

Being free from all of my tubes and wires means I can be mobile and have a real shower 🚿 bed washes are NOT substantial lol 🛌🛁

Craig spent the whole day here today poor bugger!!! Can't be too much fun sitting here with me for 10 matter how lovely I look and how spacey I am 😛 we got to meet my Osseo 'neighbour' Justin and his lovely mom Lisbeth tonight too...he's such a trooper already up and about 4 days post surgery 🚶

I received some beautiful flowers from the amazing Betty Klimenko and her equally amazing hubby Dan 🌺 and feeling very loved <3

Less pain today and the swelling is going down slowly, hoping for even more progress tomorrow and to start Physio/rehab on Monday to keep my fitness levels up although according to my Fitbit I 'walked' 914 steps yesterday...with no legs I'm pretty sure this is impossible haha, oh and I wasn't even wearing my Fitbit 😂

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! The weather has been awful here all day and I've heard it's even worse in Queensland! Stay dry and stay safe xx

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