My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 46

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend

So it turns out I'm allergic to Celebrex...just a simple little anti-inflammatory but not for me obviously after we figured out it was the culprit I was given Phenergan and a hydrocortisone injection...I zonked out about 20 minutes later (I officially love Phenergan ) and woke up rash free I managed to get almost 7 hours sleep too so feeling a lot more human

I'm still pain free and managed to survive my first loading session today it was actually quite difficult to hold the weight back on each leg to only 5kg especially when you're suspended in the air by a harness and have to worry about using the correct posture surprisingly I didn't get lightheaded when I first 'stood' up considering it's the first time I've been vertical in over 6 weeks but I got through my 5 minute session and tomorrow I get to do two 10kg sessions and work my way up from there each day I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel muscles I didn't know I had by the end of this weekend though

I was lucky to get some lovely visitors today, our friends Jude & Leon called in for lunch and my beautiful OI sister Leah popped in for a few minutes too Craig and I watched a movie this afternoon then had a catch up with my fellow OI mate Darren from across the hall...we're the troublemakers of the ward apparently

Looking forward to seeing a few people this weekend and might even get the opportunity to escape and go to the movies 📽

Have a wonderful weekend everyone wherever you are


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