My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 45

I'm a bit late with my blog tonight...sorry peeps, just dealing with a slight allergic reaction to something I should also be asleep as haven't slept in 2 days

I started noticing a blotchy rash appearing on my arms, chest and legs this morning and originally thought it was from a specific type of dressing tape my body is sensitive to but as the night has worn on the pesky little rash has spread and I'm guessing it's one of the meds I'm on that I've not taken before so I consulted Dr Google and it listed a number of side effects...bloating ✔️ skin rash ✔️swollen lips ✔️ blurry vision ✔️ dizziness ✔️ pretty sure we'll stop that one now

On a positive note I'm still pain free and my dressings were taken off today so I finally got to see the full extent of my new silverware and it's pretty impressive! I've attached a few pics below (hope they don't offend anyone and yes they're far from 'pretty' but remember they're the absolute latest in technology, they're life changing and they're mine ).

The Stoma, circular area surrounding the abutment, is a lot smaller and cleaner than I was expecting and I was able to air them out for an hour or so before they started oozing a little Oh and the pink/redness in the photos is Chlorhexidine, it's used to sterilise the area around the Stoma and in my case the entire leg

Munjed recommended I get them out in the sun ok so it was sunny but also only about 10 degrees here today so I wasn't in a hurry to go sit outside...instead we found a sunny spot at the end of the corridor so parked up there for half an hour to 'sun' my legs

Another bonus is its looking like I may start my loading regime tomorrow instead of Monday this will involve me being hoisted and lowered onto scales allowing only 5kg onto each leg for a specified time twice a day and gradually increasing the weight and time each day

All going well I'll likely be transferred to the Hills Rehabilitation Hospital on Tuesday for 2-3 weeks of intensive Physio, increased loading and then walking on my brand new legs its all getting very exciting #bionicwoman #imofficiallypartrobot

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