My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 44

Second stage surgery was a success  when I finally got down to theatre I think I spent more time in the waiting area and with the anaesthetist than I did actually in surgery

I had a terrible nights sleep last night so waiting around today getting 'hangrier' by the hour didn't help much but I was in an out in under 30 minutes they reckon...quickest bilateral stage 2 surgery yet #nailedit

I met the beautiful Brehani who flew all the way from Arizona to have her bilateral above knee Osseo last week (stage 1 for now) and she's found freedom again by being discharged today. My mate Darren from Townsville is across the hall from me too and keeping us (and the nurses) well entertained! Love meeting more of my OI family

I now officially have 2 highly polished abutments protruding from my residual limbs and these will remain like that permanently! The abutments connect to the titanium rods in my tibia bones through what is known as a Stoma (nothing like the Stoma I once had in my belly ) and my new prosthetic legs will eventually connect to these abutments

For anyone that wants to read up on it more, check out…/how-does-the-…

So far I've been 99.9% pain free and hoping to stay that way I have no tubes in cannula tissued giving me a mini bicep so was removed and I'm not hooked up to any pain meds or anything hoping to keep the pain under control with oral medication for now but eventually phase that out too  a nurse friend posted the pain chart below too, currently I'm on the 'I just need a bandaid' level

The pic below shows my swollen limbs with their new metal work...the pink anaesthetic runs the full length of both legs and takes days to wash off but at least it's not blue #pinkisthenewmaroon #stateoforigin and I was able to change out of the sexy blue gown too

Hoping I get a decent nights sleep tonight thanks for all of the amazing messages of support throughout the day and thank you again to Munjed and his amazing team for making this possible and a huge thanks to Craig for greeting me post surgery with a bacon & egg toasty #nolongerhangry


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