My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 43

I'm baaaaaaaack yes after 22 days at home I'm back at MUH ready for my Stage 2 surgery tomorrow

To be honest, the last 3 weeks at home were far from easy, for me or for Craig That small amount of independence I had prior to surgery had suddenly been ripped away from me and I felt like I'd travelled back 3.5 years to when I first lost my legs...the dependence for every day things drove us both a little crazy but we survived...just... it was great to be home spend time with some very special people, to sleep in my own bed and get out and about

We flew down to Sydney today arrived at 12:45 and after waiting for over an hour for our rental car finally made it to the hospital where I was greeted by a very special friend who also left a gorgeous little gift in my room for my birthday

The usual pre-op tests have been done and I'm on the list for 10:30am! I'll have to fast from midnight so no one contact me before I eat haha Excited and nervous but just keen to get this next stage done so I can get back up on 2 feet again

If anyone feels like visiting, you're more than welcome, ward 1 room 322


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