My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 3

Good morning world 🌏 well I think I had a whole 50 minutes of sleep last night so hoping I can be literate enough to make sense in this blog!

My surgery went great, I think I was in there for about 3 hours but the pre-surgery prep wasn't much fun 😐 due to having no veins that wanted to play the game I had to have my central line and epidural put in while I was awake...ouch!!! But I'm extremely grateful for the epidural now...I have absolutely no pain, in fact I have no feeling below the waist on my left side and very minimal feeling on my right...I feel the lightest I ever have haha :-P

I was transferred to ICU post surgery just as a precaution and hooked up to a million different machines. I have so many pain drugs going through me I reckon I could float out of here but these attributed greatly to my lack of sleep, every time I closed my eyes I had 1000 different images swirling through my head so I had to resort to watching informercials and then Good Morning's going to be very warm in California today if anyone is interested ☀️🔥

Oh and I learnt that the clocks in ICU do some weird reset thing at 2am...these are analog clocks and as I happened to glance at time the little hand did a full circumference of the clock! I seriously thought I was hallucinating :-0

My lovely friend Leah made the trek down from the ward at 9:30pm to visit me too...I can see we're going to get into mischief while we're in here!

I'll be heading back to the ward today, 2 more days on Ketamine, Fentanyl and everything else they have pouring into me then I'll be more mobile hopefully 👍🏽😊

The decision was made to do Stage 1 only in this surgery due to the shortness of my residual limbs so I'll be back in 6-8 weeks for Stage 2 but it'll mean my tibias get a chance to accept the implants before I start loading my body weight on them. It does mean I'll be wheelchair bound for the next few weeks but it's all for the greater good so I'll cope I'm sure ♿️

I made a friend in ICU too (Craig won't be surprised haha) my nurse Kulsum was beautiful and we chatted A LOT throughout the night, it definitely helped pass the time 🕑 she's in the photo below and yes I am looking stunning haha...I look like a puffer fish after no sleep and litres of IV fluids!

They now have me propped onto my right side trying to even out the epidural distribution. I won't be doing much for the next 2 days but I'll post another update tomorrow!

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