My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 17

Guess what???? I woke up this morning with NO pain!!! Yes, you read that right, absolutely NO pain!!! 🎉🎉 all of your positive thoughts and well wishes truly worked, thank you 💞💗 the tingly nerve sensations are still there but they're manageable at this stage 👌

I couldn't believe it, the nurse came in at 6:11am with my morning meds and I'd slept from about 10:30pm straight through the night💤 when I woke I cautiously moved my leg waiting for the pain to kick in and it didn't, I almost cried with relief!!! I didn't want to jinx myself either so didn't move too much then fell asleep again until my breaky arrived at 🙌👍

Andrew, the pain specialist called in to see me and he was as happy as I was about the lack of pain! I truly believe he loses sleep over patients like me as he doesn't like anyone being in pain no matter how tough they think they are 💪💪💪

His plan now is to keep going with the current pain management treatment as it seems to be working and reassess it Saturday yes that means I won't be home this weekend BUT all going well I'll be discharged on Monday 💃

Justin, Lisbeth & I made the trek to the Macquarie Uni campus today to the food court for lunch 🍜 what an amazing campus and the food court is HUGE! Was lovely to soak up some much needed vitamin D in the sun too 🌞 We even found a way for Justin to tow me up the hill behind his scooter :-D

I watched a movie this afternoon, chatted to Craig a few times and then had a video chat with my brother Harley & my gorgeous niece Scarlett 👧🏼 Tomorrow is another day, might even go shopping xx


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