My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 13

Good morning's a public holiday here today so will be a rest day for me but I thought I better not lapse on my updates although they're running a day behind at the moment.

Yesterday was a lovely day! After not having a great nights sleep I was worried I would be exhausted but surprisingly had loads of energy 💃

I think having been out for a few hours the night before put a little pressure on my poor legs 😞 My wheelchair doesn't have stump supports so my legs hang down the whole time which lead to a little swelling and a lot of nerve pain/sensations during the night...the only way to explain it is its like waves of electric currents going through your limb concurrently so at 3am I finally gave in and asked for some pain medication and was able to get back to sleep!

I had a nice relaxing morning catching up on some reading and trying to answer the hundreds of messages I have...sorry if I haven't got to yours yet, today I promise 👍

I had another visit from our lovely friends Jude & Leon again, the lovely couple we met on our Alaskan cruise last year and they make the trip up from Cronulla to see me which I truly appreciate 💞

At 3:30pm I was given 'gate leave' again so cousins Darryl & Cyrus came in to take me out. We went to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople, it was a fantastic movie, hilariously funny, a little sad and definitely touching on a number of taboo subjects but well worth a watch 📽😆 great to see so many familiar kiwi faces pop up throughout the movie too! Afterwards we had dinner at Bondi Macquarie not Bondi 🍕

I made it back in time for curfew we chatted for a couple of hours and then I decided to watch American Sniper, didn't last long though as woke up at 2am with the tv still on 📺

I also want to say a huge congrats to Craig for getting on the podium at Toowoomba yesterday! Well deserved after so long away from the track 🏆😘

Legs are feeling better by the day. Staples come out in a week and a half and I'm still on track to be home later this week!

To those who have a public holiday today, enjoy 🌞🏌📖 to everyone in QLD, hope the Mondayitis isn't too bad xx pic below shows an example of an osseointegration implant in a below knee recipient :)


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