My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 1

I'm starting this blog from today as sh!t is finally getting real!

I checked in to MUH at 3pm and was shown straight to my room...this will be my home for the next wee while and I'm grateful it's a lovely, clean and friendly environment to be in.

Immediately my legs were taken off for the final time which was quite a surreal feeling really, bye bye sockets and then the pre-op tests began with forms, an ECG, swabs, blood tests and X-rays.

A visit from the beautiful Leah (who is staying just down the hall) and her lovely parents helped us settle in then dinner arrived and Craig decided to head off to my cousin Darryl's place to be entertained I'm sure!

At this stage surgery is booked for 10:30am tomorrow but apparently that can change at any stage! Hoping I get a good nights sleep tonight.

I probably won't be coherent enough tomorrow to post but I'm sure Craig will provide updates throughout the day.

Thank you for all of the amazing support on this journey xx

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