Driving 30th March 2015

Well it's been a a few months since my last stint in the car. I haven't been well these past few months as my Ulcerative Colitis decided to flare up again and I ended up in hospital a few times but I am determined to be healthy and stay out of that place!

Ok so back to my driving, we thought we'd try something a little different today and use my prosthetic legs and prosthetic arm to drive with instead of the hand controls...not entirely legal but I wanted to see if I could do it...and I COULD!!! It was crazy, I almost felt like I'd never stopped driving! It's been over 2.5 years since I really drove a car, I mean I've had lessons but I mean driving by myself, tunes blaring, air con blasting (everyone who knows QLD knows it's too hot to have your window down!!) and it's just me and the road ahead...anyway where was I, oh yeah so into the car I get and we do a few laps around the circuit then we decide to try the side streets, I even got up to 60km/h and it felt so much more natural than using the hand controls...the VERY expensive hand controls might I add, but now I need to find out what legalities there are to me driving with my feet.

More practice is definitely needed, both with the hand controls and without but I feel like I'll have this down pat in no time!

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