Bridge to Brisbane 2014 - My 5km Race

2 years ago on Fathers Day I was admitted to hospital and that was the beginning of my life changing forever. Today I am competing in the 5km Bridge to Brisbane Race with a group of amazing supporters! We have branded Korrin singlets and we're all pumped and ready to go. Before the walk I have to do a quick live chat on the Today Show then it's back to meet the group to start the walk...I'll be back later!

Ok I'm we started off at the back of the pack and I immediately see Matt Ames (a fellow quad amputee) and his family so I walk with them for a while, his physio Jackie turns out to be someone I know from a few years ago and it's great to see her again. We hit the 1km mark quicker than I thought we would, time for a quick photo then we carry on. As we reach each km mark it's encouraging to know we're almost there. Just after the 3km mark we hit the hill at the Inner City Bypass, I conquer the hill but then I'm wrecked and I'm so grateful we bought the wheelchair so I can have a rest. After a few hundred meters I want to walk again, I want to cross that finish line on my legs! We get to the finish and there is Matt Ames, out of his wheelchair and walking! It brings tears to my eyes! Then I'm invited to walk with him, we cross the finish line together and it's an amazing feeling! 1 hour 8 mins but I did it! I'm so eternally grateful to my amazing support crew who got to see me cross the finish line! Now for next years challenge, 10km B2B? Sure why not?

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