About Korrin Barrett

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you…and it was through the survival of a life threatening illness that Korrin’s life changed forever!

Late in 2012, Korrin went from a super fit, healthy and happy 33 year old to suddenly fighting for her life in hospital. A perforated bowel, sepsis and multiple organ failure led to 9 days in an induced coma, over 4 weeks in ICU on ECMO, 25+ surgeries including the removal of her large colon, amputations to both legs and both arms and a total of 7.5 months in hospital doing extensive rehabilitation to learn to walk again and to try and live as independently as she possibly could, but… she never gave up!

Korrin’s belief in herself, never back down attitude and amazing support network meant that she was walking on prosthetics in just over 2 months of her amputations. She has since been a finalist in the Courier Mail Pride of Australia Courage Award (Queensland), swum with sharks, skydived, been snorkelling, travelled extensively, had a V8 supercar ride and her bucket list is still growing!

Korrin challenged herself to compete in the 2014 Bridge to Brisbane which happened to fall on the 2 year anniversary of going into hospital and she completed the 5km walk surrounded by a large group of friends and family who crossed the line with her. She was also extremely grateful to cross the finish line with fellow quad amputee Matthew Ames making it an even more rewarding experience. Korrin then committed to the 14km City to Surf Race and 10km Bridge to Brisbane Race in 2015 and successfully completed both.

In 2016 Korrin underwent bilateral osseointegration surgery on her legs and this has been life changing! Titanium rods were surgically implanted into her tibias and she has an abutment that permanently protrudes from her residual limbs. The surgery was a 2 stage process with a lengthy stay in Sydney however the independence gained has been immeasurable. Korrin can now put on and take off her prosthetics in seconds and her gait (walking style) is so natural people often forget she has prosthetic legs. She also purchased a muscle powered Bebionic hand late in 2016 and is working with an OT to use this in her every day life.

Korrin’s goal is to INSPIRE, MENTOR and NURTURE others through life’s adversities. To do this she has had to rebrand herself from the old Korrin to the new Korrin. All of her career goals and plans changed when she became a quad amputee however now she has a new set of goals, a new set of plans, a new outlook on life and she’s excited to share this journey with each and every one of you.

Life decided Korrin should be unlimbited but she chose to live life unlimited! Korrin is LIVING POSSIBILITY..

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