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About Korrin Barrett

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you…and it was through the survival of a life threatening illness that Korrin’s life changed forever!

Late in 2012, Korrin went from a super fit, healthy and happy 33 year old to suddenly fighting for her life in hospital. A perforated bowel and medical complications led to 9 days in an induced coma, over 4 weeks in ICU, 25+ surgeries including the removal of her large colon, amputations to both legs and both arms and a total of 7.5 months in hospital doing extensive rehabilitation to learn to walk again and to try and live as independently as she possibly could, but… she never gave up!

about Korrin Barrett
about Korrin Barrett
about Korrin Barrett
about Korrin Barrett
about Korrin Barrett

In The Media

Nov 2017

I'm a Transformer - Magazine Article

Recently Korrin featured in the Australian magazine Take 5 and NZ magazine Lucky Break. She shared exactly how she became a Quad Amputee back in 2012 and how she has overcome this to empower others. You can read the article below (if you are unable to read the article here, p ..

Jun 2017

Attitude TV - Question Time: Septicaemia Survivor

Five years ago Korrin's life turned upside down when she contracted sepsis which resulted in amputations to her limbs. Find out the answers to questions she gets asked all the time! Made with funding from NZ On Air. Watch the video here:  ..

Apr 2017

Attitude TV - Love is Blind: Korrin and Craig

When Korrin lost her hands and feet to septicaemia, Craig was by her side the whole time. Korrin had to learn to do everything again, from eating to walking to doing her make up. Life looks different now, as Korrin travels as a speaker but Craig is still right by her side and ..

Mar 2017

Experience Niseko March Issue - Korrin Barrett Meets Hiromi Tatsumi

Two amazing individuals come together to discuss how they have both overcome adversity and how they continue to make the most out of life! Korrin Barrett travelled all the way from Australia looking for a snow experience. While that might seem like a normal story, for Ko ..

Public Speaking

Summary of Topics:

Resilience & Overcoming Adversity.
Building Your Personal Brand.
Why Goals are Good For You.
The Art of Appreciation.

Living a Life Less Ordinary.
Limbs,Laughter and Life.
Living Possibility.
Bullying & Body Image.


  • "I first met Korrin 2 years ago - not a week has gone by since that I don't remember her story - her power - her inspiration.
    Having hosted hundreds of corporate events - her story - her ability to capture a room - her ability to keep it real - is one of the best I've seen. Her inspiration is something that EVERYONE needs to be exposed to at least once in their lives.
    Korrin is one of the most talented and engaging speakers I've witnessed!"

    ~ Ben Davis - Drive Presenter 4BC Radio - 1116am ~
  • "Korrin Barrett is the truest example of someone living life to the fullest. I have known Korrin for just on five years and I have never met someone so full of life and positivity even in the tough times. Her courageousness and willingness to spread cheer and goodwill needs to be bottled and sold. Korrin easily had the breakfast gathering of Office Professionals in the palm of her hand at the annual Office Professionals Day Breakfast in May 2013. Her account of the journey she took from a well human being to an extremely ill human being and back again, is touching, uplifting and inspiring. Korrin is definitely someone you want to have at your next event if you are looking for a great personality, sense of humour and positivity."

    ~ Cassie Wilson - Principal Advisor - Department of Transport & Main Roads ~
  • "Our Year Five students were incredibly moved by Korrin's presentation. She touched their hearts and they responded very warmly to her. Korrin is proof that anything is possible with the right attitude, sheer courage and endurance. I know that what we heard is just the beginning for Korrin, as there are surely more obstacles for her to face and move right on through. I wish her all the best in her future achievements. "

    ~ Kaye Rosnick, Runcorn Heights State School, Brisbane ~
  • "On behalf of our CEO Gary Mahon and the QTA Board of Directors, I would like to formally thank you for contributing to the success of our sixth QTA International Women’s Day Event in Brisbane. We greatly appreciate your commitment to our event and the professionalism of your presentation. Thank you for sharing your personal anecdotes and the realities of the recovery you have endured. Your positivity, passion for life and resilience all shone through and you inspired everyone in the room.
    We have received very positive feedback about the event, and in particular, about your honesty and willingness to share your story. Your courage and tenacity to make your way in the world is amazing and we are so lucky to have had you a part of our event this year. Once again, I thank you for your valued contribution and your generosity in sharing your experiences. I hope you enjoyed the morning and that the experience with your fellow speakers was positive and worthwhile for you." "

    ~ Lisa Acret - Membership Service Manager - QLD Trucking Association ~
  • "Korrin is a truly inspirational person who is always positive and looking to her next challenge. I asked Korrin to speak publicly, for the very first time, in May 2013 at our annual Office Professional's Day breakfast. She not only owned the stage but had a heart-felt message, with a few tears and lots of laughs for everyone present.

    Korrin speaks from the heart and draws on her unstoppable determination. I would highly recommend Korrin as a mentor, speaker, educator, coach and ambassador for whatever she sets out to achieve.

    Korrin's achievements are amazing and she has become an unstoppable force. Her courage and willpower are immeasurable and whilst she might not admit it – she is one truly inspirational lady! "

    ~ Louise Burton - Former President of the Australian Institute for Office Professionals QLD ~
  • "In 2013, I had the pleasure of hearing Korrin Barrett open the AIOP Breakfast for over 500 professional support staff in Brisbane. I was sitting between Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and his executive assistant, and experienced first hand the electric power of Korrin's comments. She not only inspired the audience about her personal story of tremendous resilience with incredible grace and humour, she actually empowered us all to feel we could each make the world a better place. The room moved from tears to laughs to cheers. Korrin is a remarkable motivational speaker. I could not recommend her more highly."

    ~ Mara Bun - Company Director, Resilience Strategist, GAICD ~
  • "Korrin Barrett is an inspiration! She presents the story of her journey in a heart-felt, personal, and touching way. Korrin captivates the audience and motivates us to think beyond our limits."

    ~ Stephen Mally - Director - Fundraising Force, Sydney ~
  • "MBBC boys were thoroughly engaged by Korrin’s inspiring story of courage and hope. By sharing her journey, Korrin shows us that life can throw you curve balls but it is during those times of challenge that we understand just how strong we are and anything is possible if we set our minds to it."

    ~ Susanne Jamieson - Moreton Bay Boys College, Brisbane ~


Completed 10km Bridge 2 Brisbane - 2015

Completed 14km City 2 Surf - Sydney 2015

Swam with Sharks at Sealife Underwater World - 2015

From The Blog

Nov 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett using Bebionic Small Hand for Fine Motor Skill Training

One of the many tasks I was required to do on my first day of OT training with my new Bebionic Small Hand...watch till the end, I have a lot to learn 😂 (https://m.facebook.com/korrinlivingpossibility/)  ..

Sep 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Trials Bebionic Small Hand

Here I am trialling the Steeper bebionic small hand...grip patterns are mastered, now I need to put them to everyday use :-)  ..

Jul 2016

Quad Amputee Korrin Barrett Walks on her Osseointegrated Legs

I underwent bilateral below knee osseointegration in 2 stages...stage 1 on 1st June and stage 2 on 13th July. This is me 2 weeks post stage 2 walking on my brand new legs!  ..

Jul 2016

My OI Journey to New Legs - Day 46

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend So it turns out I'm allergic to Celebrex...just a simple little anti-inflammatory but not for me obviously after we figured out it was the culprit I was given Phenergan and a hydrocortisone injection...I zonked out about 20 min ..


"Wings of Destiny's prime objective and purpose is to assist women who have experienced Domestic Violence to rebuild, recover and heal. Wings of Destiny provides tools through their program and other resources, for affected women, to live confidently with self belief and inner empowerment.

It is Wings of Destiny absolute and prime mission to ensure no woman, that has suffered domestic violence, feels or believes they are defined by their past".

"Empowering Women after Domestic Violence"

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